Thursday, October 20, 2016


Bahamas Power and Light say they’ve restored 83% of New Providence’s power and that they still expect full restoration by the end of this week. I did hear an appeal from them earlier for home owners who have difficult access to their properties to allow their linesmen to get through, so that they can restore power to them. Apparently some residents’ gates are locked or they have dogs protecting their homes.

Some friends of ours say that they were advised by the former power company, BEC, some time ago when street lights were installed in their street, to bring their electricity connection forwards from the back of their property, which they did.

BPL also says that 65% power has been restored to North and Central Andros.


Edgehill Alumni Association Newsletter Autumn 2016 Page 8.
 Created and published by Jane Blackmore, Edgehill Alumni
Association President/Newsletter Editor and Database Secretary.

I was delighted to receive a lovely issue of The Edgehill Alumni Association Newsletter Autumn 2016, which includes my article “Hurricane Matthew goes down in history”! 

I won a place at Edgehill College, Bideford, Devon, as a day girl by virtue of having passed the “11+” exam to attend Grammar School. Edgehill College was an independent girls only boarding and day school when I was a student there, but it eventually became coeducational and then merged with Kingsley School in 2009.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Lamp post destroyed

We heard on the news today that Bahamas Power and Light has restored power to 80% of their customers on New Providence and that they expect full restoration by the end of this week. Great Harbour Cay apparently has had 90% of their power restored and North and Central Andros 50%.

Some children will sadly be without uniform after homes have been destroyed or damaged and personal belongings lost, so the Ministry of Education has asked teachers to exercise leniency with this. Also, they are trying to provide uniforms for those school children who have lost theirs.

The news announcer stated that there were thunderstorms during Hurricane Matthew. One house was hit by lightening and the roof caught fire.

I spoke to someone on Grand Bahama yesterday and he said he expects power to be restored to his office by the end of this week. Other reports are that many people on that island will have to wait weeks for restoration by the Grand Bahama Power Company.

There is so much suffering here in The Bahamas as a result of Hurricane Matthew.


The Tribune picked up my article "Hurricane Matthew goes down in History" and ran it today in their "Insight" section on page 10 as "A storm to test the resilience of Bahamians". I was delighted by the great coverage! They even mention my romantic suspense novel "Love at Sunset", stating it features a fierce hurricane hitting The Bahamas; and my book "Sunbeams from the Heart - A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories".

Sunday, October 16, 2016


An earlier flooded road on New Providence Island, Bahamas 

What a day! It lashed down with rain and the wind didn’t let up either for some time. We heard it was a “trough”. A severe weather warning until 3 p.m. was issued by the Met Office, but we didn’t see it until 2 p.m. By then we had already attempted to get to church. Big mistake! Went through flooded roads and the brakes started to fail on our car. No problem. Erskine pulled over and pumped the brakes a little until it was safe to continue on.

I felt like I was in my novel “Love at Sunset”, where a fierce hurricane hits The Bahamas and Sandra’s husband has not used his best judgment, putting their children at risk! Here’s an excerpt:

“We’d better get back now.” Pete turned on the wipers and headed for home, but the wipers couldn’t move fast enough to clear the rain and debris from the windshield. He swerved to avoid fallen tree limbs on the road. And as large and heavy as his truck was, the wind wrestled wildly with it. He kept his hands firmly on the steering wheel. Then, just as they manoeuvred between bending casuarina trees on either side of the narrow road, they heard a loud crack. A large branch crashed on the truck, shattering the windscreen. The children screamed as the truck skidded out of control.

When we got back home after the service, one of the leaks had started again from the ceiling, so out came the bucket, hopefully for the last time. Our landlord is doing his best to get the roof repaired, but it can’t be that easy with the high cost of deductibles if you do have insurance, and so many roofs needing repaired right now. 


The Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser, Buckingham, England, picked up my article “Hurricane Matthew goes down in history” that I had distributed widely in a newsletter after the hurricane!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


A top heavy load making its way through remaining
flood waters along the airport boundary road, Nassau, Bahamas
(Note: NOT belonging to food stores)

New Providence’s food stores are restocking the shelves. At last we have fruit again! Bumped into a few people who are still out of power in Blair, Yellow Elder and Seabreeze.

Sadly, one lady told us that a neighbour who had made it through Hurricane Matthew, but was without power, fell asleep last night and left a candle burning. It set fire to her house. She lost everything and nearby neighbours nearly lost their homes too.

I haven’t had a chance to post here about North Andros and Grand Bahama, but they are suffering much more than most of New Providence. I will try to jot down news about those other islands as I hear it and report back here.