Saturday, September 5, 2020



I'm trying to finish a Christmas short story to submit to The People's Friend. Hope it's not too late!

Friday, September 4, 2020



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Well, there's one spark of good news today amongst all the gloom and doom! The Bahamas Government has signed a Heads of Agreement with Eleuthera Properties Ltd. to develop the Jack's Bay Resort, Golf Course and Marina project on Eleuthera. Read the full story in The Nassau Guardian HERE

Wednesday, September 2, 2020



Me jogging in our tiny front garden!

The Covid-19 rules in The Bahamas are always changing back and forwards under the Executive Orders that are imposed by the "Competent Authority", aka our Prime Minister. And every time it's announced that the PM is going to give an address, we all quiver in our shoes! There's panic at the food stores as people are thrown into fear that we might have another lock down.

Fortunately, it looks as though complete lock downs are on hold for now (and I hope they'll never come about), but there's always the possibility of some form of shut down if Covid-19 cases don't level off.

Right now on New Providence the only time we can exercise at any hour (except for the 10 p.m. - 5 a.m. curfew) is in our own "yards"! We are allowed to exercise in our "immediate neighbourhood" from 5 a.m. - 9 a.m. and go to the beaches and parks then, but I'm not an early bird!

Longing for freedom and long walks. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020



Bestselling Bahamian author Tanya R. Taylor has just released her 32nd book "Eppington: Where Dogs Rule". This is Book One in her new Hewey Spader Cozy Mystery Series.

Thank you to The Tribune and also The Punch, which both published my article about Tanya's exciting new release.

The Punch article appeared on page 13 of their issue Monday, August 17th. The Tribune article can be found on page 7 of their "Weekend" issue of Friday, August 21st, here: TRIBUNE WEEKEND

To purchase "Eppington" go to EPPINGTON: WHERE DOGS RULE


Saturday, August 15, 2020



What a time this is! We're under a two week lockdown on New Providence. Except for essential workers, we can't go anywhere at all on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (except for exercising in our yards or 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. in our immediate neighbourhood). We've had lockdowns before, but none as long as this one. It's rumoured that it might be extended and may even be more restrictive!

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, food stores, gas stations, hardwares (but only for those carrying lumber and concrete, and for curbside pick up only), pharmacies (curbside pick up only), and banks (mornings only) are open. We're supposed to just go there, shop, and return quickly to our homes (hah!). One person per family is supposed to be a designated shopper (that's not working!).

Because of the severe restrictions, on the days we can go to any of these, it's crazy with people crowding and standing in long lines, many not wearing masks or wearing them incorrectly. The overcrowding must be defeating the purpose of trying to reduce the number of positive Covid-19 cases. Then supplies fly off the shelves, so shoppers have to dash from one store to another.

Erskine had a terrible rush yesterday trying to get enough groceries for the weekend. Then our water delivery guy couldn't make it, as they were restricted to only three days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday - plus Saturdays for essential workers only). He said he could drop our water today. However, by the time it got to mid-afternoon, we were getting worried. We didn't have enough drinking water to last until Monday. Anyway, he eventually got here and saved the day.

Someone we know says he had quite a time at a gas station the other day. When he paid for his gas, the cashier angrily informed him that the $20 bill he gave her was counterfeit. He tried to replace it, but was short $1.51. He told her he would have to come back to pay the $1.51. She didn't want to accept that, but in the end he drove off, got more money from his house and returned to pay her the $1.51. He worked out later that the counterfeit note had been in change he was given at a food store. 

If Covid-19 doesn't kill us, all this lockdown stress will!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020



Do you have Scottish roots or do you just love the blockbuster movie "Braveheart"?! 

In this nostalgic, illustrated mini-memoir I share memories of my journey back to Scotland with my mother and young sons, to revisit our Scottish roots. 

“THE SCOTTISH CONNECTION” contains a wealth of information - Scottish ancestry, historical facts, genealogy, comparable prices, geographical descriptions, personal anecdotes, nostalgia and precious old photos.

EXCERPT: “We pressed on towards the border. Our AA book informed us we would cross the line of the old Roman ‘Hadrian's Wall’ before the boundary between England and Scotland. Just after the Border Forest, a carload of excited, waving people passed us going in the opposite direction. We knew we had reached Scotland at last! The boys cheered. My mother and I were home again, in that land of soaring mountains, rushing burns and ancient glens.”


Saturday, August 8, 2020



This brightened up my day! A friend sent me this newspaper cutting that appeared on The Bideford History Page of Facebook. The photo was taken about 60 years ago! I did have a faded copy, but it was minus the caption. 

It was interesting to have a reminder about "Bideford Musicals", that I'd once belonged to. I'm second from the left ("Fay Johanson"). 

I also did ballet as a young child and at the age of twenty was a chorus girl in a production at The Exeter Little Theatre, Devon. As well as a writer, I'd always wanted to be a singer or a dancer!