Friday, August 17, 2018


A big THANK YOU to the Tribune for this great spread in their WEEKEND edition about my new writer’s guide “How to Be the Best Writer Ever!”

In my writer’s guide you can learn how to overcome writer’s block and rejections. Delve into lists of helpful writers’ resources. Be shown how to submit your work, with clear graphs that you can use to keep track of queries and submissions. Find out where ideas come from and how to handle your writing time. See how to get paid for your writing. Receive the encouragement you need to be a successful writer, no matter your age. Be led and inspired to reach your highest writing potential!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I put my whole being into my writer’s guide, “How to Be the Best Writer Ever!” It was a long time coming, but I finally wrote it, finished it and it’s just been published on Amazon as an e-book and in paperback. It will also be available at other major online book retailers. 

In a way, I feel it’s my biggest writing accomplishment so far. Now you too can be inspired to reach your highest writing potential!

This uplifting writer’s guide outlines the craft and how to become the best writer ever in fifteen straightforward and easy to understand chapters that enlighten and inform; inspire and encourage; educate and advise.

Friday, August 10, 2018


 I am thrilled to announce the release of my new writer’s guide “How to Be the Best Writer Ever!” This is an informal guide and source of inspiration for new and not so new writers worldwide.

“How to Be the Best Writer Ever!” is available on Amazon as an e-book and in paperback.

Over a decade ago, one of my sons said to me: “Mum, you should share your writing experience with others. Give me some content and I’ll put a website up for you.”

I threw some ideas together and sent them to my son. He uploaded them in separate sections on a website, and the seeds of a writer’s guide were planted. I had a button on the site for visitors to leave their email addresses if they wanted to be notified when the website would be available in print.

This blog eventually replaced the writer’s website. However, I still had a subscriber’s list of active or aspiring writers from the website who had been eagerly waiting for me to publish the promised writer’s guide.

Now, many years later, I delved back in my mind to all the writing experience and training that I’ve had over the years and wrote about it. I used the original information from the website as a foundation.

I wanted to help those who longed to write books, articles, short stories, poems or screenplays; and others whose writing career was going nowhere.

My promise has been fulfilled with the publication of “How to Be the Best Writer Ever!" This has come a long way since I first put a few tips online about writing!

This uplifting writer’s guide outlines the craft and how to become the best writer ever in fifteen straightforward and easy to understand chapters that enlighten and inform; inspire and encourage; educate and advise.

If you wish to be led and inspired to reach your highest writing potential, you can get “How to Be the Best Writer Ever!” HERE!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


I am so excited to announce that my new WRITER’S GUIDE will soon be published! I won’t tell you the title yet, as I want to surprise you! I will tell you though that I hope this will be a source of inspiration to all who read it.

Watch this space!

Thursday, July 19, 2018


Here is my “Woman in Action” article that appears in “The Punch” on page 15 today about Brooke Phillips, who has trekked by mule, camel and donkey to remote villages and mountains to source or commission goods for her store Oasis Sandyport! And Brooke also helps manage Phillips Sailmakers & Awning Manufacturers. 

The Punch features an outstanding local woman in their “Woman in Action” column every Thursday.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Here's your chance to try something new! A group of FREE short reads in various genres. Claim your FREE short reads! CLICK HERE!    

My new short story “Funnels” features in this great Instafreebie Giveaway NOW until July 31st. Short reads are perfect whether you’re on a break or curled up in your favourite hammock!

“A poignant short story about a young woman who longs to escape her dreary, hard working existence on a Caribbean island. With a baby daughter and irresponsible casino dealer husband, she is tied down to eking a living working tables in a local restaurant. When an opportunity suddenly presents itself, she is torn between her family and the prospect of elevating herself.”


Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Today has been the 45th Anniversary of Bahamas Independence. Before The Bahamas became Independent on July 10th, 1973, this island nation was a British Colony. My husband Erskine even had a British passport up until then. He says there was a long building on the Prince George Wharf that housed the passport office. After Independence The Bahamas became a British Commonwealth country.

When we lived in the U.K. in the eighties, I wrote to the Bahamian High Commission in London, requesting contacts for Bahamians living in the U.K., so I could approach them to write feature articles about them. Instead, the Bahamian High Commission said they would send Erskine and me an invitation to the Bahamas Independence festivities in London, where we would be able to meet other Bahamians. Mr. Richard Demeritte was the Bahamian High Commissioner at the time.

We lived in Exeter, Devon, which was a four hour National Express bus journey from London. Erskine owned and operated St. David’s General Stores and could only get one day off for the Independence event (my mother used to work part-time for him and she looked after the shop so we could go to London).

We set off early that July 10th day. When we arrived in London we caught a tube train to get to the Bahamian High Commission. There was a restaurant nearby. We had something to eat there and later changed our clothes in their restrooms!

When we entered the Bahamian High Commission that evening, we left our bag in the cloakroom and proceeded to the venue. The barker, dressed in a red uniform, at the door took our invitation and announced very grandly: “Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Knowles!” We continued on into the ballroom and began mingling.

It was a wonderful evening, full of laughter, good Bahamian music, dancing and comradery. As the event came to an end, we made our way back to the bus station via the tube. The bus swooped in, picked us up, and we slept most of the way back to Exeter.

Everything would have been perfect if I hadn’t left my handbag on the bus when it stopped at Exeter Bus Station! Erskine woke me up and I rushed off the bus with him. It wasn’t until the bus swiftly disappeared in the distance that I realized I’d left my handbag on the bus with our car and house keys in it! We had only brought the larger bag with our clothes. On top of that, it started to pour with rain.

The plan had been to catch a taxi to Erskine’s shop where our car was parked. However, when we phoned for a taxi from a public phone booth, for some strange reason all of the taxis were miles away in Plymouth!

We started walking through the deserted city and when we came across the Rougemont Hotel thought we would try calling another taxi company from there. However, the hotel’s doors were closed and locked!

We continued walking and eventually reached St. David’s Railway Station, but couldn’t pick up our car, as we didn’t have the keys! We continue walking across the railway and up into Exwick where we lived.

One of our college age sons was living with us and the other son was away at boarding school. Unfortunately, the son who was home slept like a log and it took ages to wake him up. Eventually a few rocks thrown at his window brought him to our rescue!

The next day I reported to the bus company from my work that my handbag had been left on the bus, which had travelled all the way down to Cornwall. The following day the bag arrived in a National Express box, all safe and sound, with the keys in it!

It had been a Bahamas Independence Day to remember!