Friday, April 21, 2017


Captain Paul Aranha, former Bahamas Airways pilot, has written a book about Bahamas Airways Limited (1936 – 1970), which should prove to be quite fascinating. This is due to be released in October of this year. He says:

“78 years ago, tomorrow, the Imperial Government announced that it would build an airfield on New Providence.

“Construction of the field was well underway and the Bahamas Airways Douglas Dolphin made a test landing on Runway 09/27.

“Shortly after that, the field was sold to Sir Harry Oakes, who completed the job and opened Nassau's first airport, which was known as Oakes Field.

“History tends to overlook the important role played by the British government, but my upcoming book, about Bahamas Airways Limited (1936-1970) will make it clear.

“The book should become a reality by October - in time for Christmas shopping.

“It is planned for 8 chapters and I have already approved the first 3 chapters.”

Paul Aranha, who also managed and owned the former Trans Island Airways, can be contacted at Paul writes a regular column in The Tribune’s “Weekend” section. Above is a copy of his latest article in The Tribune today.

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