Thursday, May 24, 2018


This is my latest “Woman in Action” article that appears in “The Punch” on page 15 today about author Beverley Turnquest. An avid reader as a child, she has the desire to inspire children to be their full literate self. 

The Punch features an outstanding local woman in their “Woman in Action” column every Thursday, with my articles usually appearing every other Thursday.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Here is bestselling author Tanya R. Taylor’s latest newsletter revealing the covers of two new books that she is working on - “The Groundskeeper” (Book 8 of the Cornelius Saga) and “Cara – The Beginning” (Book 9 of the Cornelius Saga):

Click here for Tanya R. Taylor's Newsletter

The newsletter also contains Super Deals and Giveaways. And thanks a million to Tanya for featuring my Romantic Suspense novel “Love at Sunset” as well!

You can sign up for Tanya’s newsletters and enter exciting give-away contests, receive info on new book releases and much more HERE

Saturday, May 19, 2018


(Image by Tamisu,

Well, I managed to get up early and had the T.V. on by a few minutes after 7 a.m. Harry and Meghan were already at the altar, but there have been enough reruns during the day for me to catch up.

What an amazing wedding. It was traditional in many ways, but sprinkled liberally with aspects of modern day times. The bride was beautiful and the groom so handsome. The bride’s mother was lovely too and very serene – a groom can always get an idea of what their bride will be like later in life from how their mother looks!

Meghan apparently had all of the Commonwealth emblems embroidered into her veil. Living in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas we will look forward to hearing more about Harry and Meghan’s plans for getting further involved in the Commonwealth. I have great hopes that this couple, who show so much love for each other and a mutual passion for humanitarian causes, will make a difference in the world.

Friday, May 18, 2018


(Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels)

So Prince Charles is giving Meghan Markle away on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Harry! I always thought it had to be someone on the bride's side of the family if her father wasn’t available. My husband’s boss gave me away when I got married in The Bahamas. He was British, so sort of represented my side. Anyway, best wishes to the happy couple!

I will try to get up early tomorrow morning, as I really want to watch this exciting event on television. The wedding starts at 12 noon UK time, but it will only be 7 a.m. here in The Bahamas.

Friday, May 11, 2018


I was delighted to see that The Tribune are running my article today in their “Weekend” edition about bestselling Bahamian author Tanya R. Taylor’s latest book release “Death of an Angel”.

This is Tanya’s seventh book in her popular “Cornelius Saga” series and she plans to release an eighth, “The Groundskeeper”, next month.

All of Tanya’s e-books can be found at Amazon’s online retail stores around the world. Paperback versions are also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all major online retailers.

The Tribune’s WEEKEND is a really good read. It’s full of interesting articles, with spectacular photos and illustrations. You can find it online HERE.    

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Here is my latest “Woman in Action” article that appears in “The Punch” on page 15 today about Author Latrell King, who wrote her bestselling book “A Mother’s Tragedy” to highlight the emotional and financial difficulties involved in raising a disabled child, something she has personally experienced.

Latrell is on the cover of the May 2018 issue of I AM QUEEN magazine and featured in that publication this month. Since writing my WIA article about Latrell, I have learned from the I AM QUEEN feature that she once appeared as a guest on the Steve Harvey Talk Show and also has her own cosmetic line “BeVogue”!

The Punch features an outstanding local woman in their “Woman in Action” column every Thursday, with my articles usually appearing every other Thursday.

By the way, this twice weekly publication is not just all about the “Page Three Girl” or the “Hunk of the Week”! The Punch is choc-a-block with articles, columns and features such as those on, with, for or about: politics, current affairs, business, finance, fashion, religion, food and where to dine, entertainment, cartoons, crosswords, horoscopes, letters, worthy causes, children, pets, music, Caribbean and world news, sports, Family Island events, real estate features, crime and court news, advice column, opinion pieces, public notices, competitions, medical, “The Nassau Grape Vine”, and classifieds (apologies to The Punch if I’ve missed a few!).

Monday, May 7, 2018


Erskine playing at Count Basie Square, Freeport, Grand Bahama,
with Little Joe Cartwright and his band

Check out THE WRITER’S PRAYER MUSIC VIDEO now published on Youtube!

Lyrics (originally a poem published in Evergreen magazine) by yours truly. Music, guitar and vocals by Erskine Knowles. Produced by Gavin Knowles/The Element Studio.