Sunday, January 2, 2022


The aftermath of a past Junkanoo 
in downtown Nassau, Bahamas

Sadly, our popular Junkanoo festival here in The Bahamas has been cancelled again this year. The New Year's Day holiday, which will be observed on Monday, January 3rd, won't ring with the excitement of New Year's Day 1966 and successive New Year's Days because of Covid-19. 

Fifty-six years' ago, I rode side saddle on the back of Erskine's scooter "Over The Hill" after a party that he and his band "The Invaders" had played at on West Bay Street. Discarded Junkanoo floats and costumes were strewn all over the streets. We went from night club to night club until the wee hours. I wore a long white evening gown, but by the time the sun rose my dress was no longer white!

In my novel "Dangerous Devotion" (described by Juanita Coulson, "The Lady" Books Editor, as "A moving tale of family dynamics and relationships in later life"), Gordon and Violet experience the Christmas season in Nassau, but because Gordon is Scottish, they fly back to Scotland for Hogmanay.

Excerpt from "Dangerous Devotion":

"Bell ringers stood at strategic points on downtown Bay Street, collecting money for charity in Salvation Army kettles. The street was decked out with festive decorations. A heavily laden Christmas tree towered next to the colonial buildings in historic Rawson Square. Bleachers for the upcoming Boxing Day and New Year’s Junkanoo parades were already in place."

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2022!