Saturday, June 4, 2022


I was shocked and saddened to hear that published author and President of The Commonwealth Writers of The Bahamas Vera Chase had passed away. Vera and I shared our love of writing and she was always so supportive and encouraging to me.

She accomplished much in her lifetime. I just hope and pray that others will fulfill the dreams that she still had.

She worked hard at trying to establish a place here in Nassau where Family Island Junior Writers could stay when they came to Nassau and she also tried to get monetary and other support for her Pompey Project (a movie about "Pompey: A Slave’s Revolt (1830)").

Deepest condolences to her husband and family.

Friday, June 3, 2022


The Long Island Regatta, Salt Pond, Long Island -
Photo credit The Long Islanders Association

The Long Island Regatta is back after being absent for two years because of Covid! Visitors flock from near and far to this fabulous annual event.

Check out the Long Islanders Association Facebook page for more great photos and videos:


Sunday, May 22, 2022



Above is an example of a barcode from the back cover of my novel "Dangerous Devotion". The barcode is at the bottom right.

When I uploaded a new replacement paperback cover on Amazon recently there was a section to tick a box if I already had a barcode; otherwise leave it blank and they would add one. I always get confused about this, so I messaged Amazon. I was told if you do not have a barcode the option does not have to be checked as they would add one.

Well, I was still confused, because my existing paperback cover did have a barcode, but the new cover I was uploading didn't! Amazon told me yes, it would need a barcode and that "No matter how many times you make changes we will need to add a barcode."

I hope this helps those of you who may have been confused too!


Saturday, May 7, 2022



This is the little "library" beside the swimming pool where we now live. It's hidden in a nook in the wall behind two small doors that meet in the middle.

The Swimming Pool at our new residence

Exploring, I had pushed on the narrow doors and they opened to reveal shelves stacked with books. I wondered about the history of these books, where they had been, who might have read them and who had placed them there over the years........!

Saturday, April 23, 2022



When we spotted this horse on Saunders Beach some time ago, but still during the pandemic, we thought it was a good sign of everything gradually going back to "normal". Saunders Beach is a public beach with beautiful white sand and a children's playground at the beginning of Cable Beach in the western outskirts of Nassau.

Sunday, April 10, 2022



These e-scooters are all over Nassau! They have slots for people to pay for them by credit card and then off they go!

Friday, April 1, 2022



Realtor Danielle Dillet Knowles of Islandeaze Realty Ltd. stopped by today to pick up the paperback copy of "Deadly Deceit In Paradise" that I'd ordered for her. She'd said she doesn't buy online, but she really wanted a copy of Book 2 in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series because Hummingbird Inn is featured in it.

Hummingbird Inn was inspired by what I'd seen advertised about Dillet's Guest House before it closed and was turned into an Art Studio. Violet and Gordon, who feature in each edition of the Buchanan Mystery Romance Series, love to stay at the Hummingbird Inn when they are in Nassau, because of its natural Bahamian ambiance! Just like Dillet's Guest House was.

She told me: "The fact that Dillet's Guest House was inspiration for you is a compliment".


A mysterious death in paradise leads a young woman down a path that will determine her future.

A stand-alone whodunnit filled with intrigue, romance, scandal and mystery that will keep your mind on it long after you’ve read the last page.

Natalie Barrett flies from London to Nassau, Bahamas, to attend a favourite uncle's funeral and the reading of his will. While staying at her deceased uncle's home, she notices a string of suspicious events that lead her to believe he may not have died from natural causes as reported. Will her curiosity and subsequent amateur investigation point to murder? And will she have to choose between the two handsome men she meets?

The paperback of Deadly Deceit In Paradise is available on Amazon and other online retailers for $8.99. You can also buy the e-book for only $2.99.



Tuesday, March 22, 2022




 Last October our landlord gave us notice, as he wanted to renovate the apartment we'd rented from him for eleven years. My regular writing basically stopped right then until we could find another apartment. I have never in my whole life (and that's pretty long) been without the pleasure of writing.

I just posted and posted and networked etc. trying to find us another place to live. We nearly took one place, but it wasn't secure enough. Then the next one was going to have a lot of renovations going on as well. Finally, third time lucky, we found a lovely garden apartment in an oceanfront gated community, which unbelievably was in our price range! We moved here two weeks ago.

It was quite a move, but we managed it. We can now have lunch on our porch and enjoy the trees, flowers and shrubs that grow profusely here in The Bahamas. We can walk down to the beach in the evening and sit on a bench there, watching the cruise ships on the horizon and the waves lapping at the white shore. We will of course start swimming too, once we are completely settled and the weather warms up a little. NOW I can write again!

Saturday, February 12, 2022



Great for this time of year! - "Sunbeams from The Heart: A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories" is available on Amazon in paperback (regular and large print), as an e-book and through Kindle Unlimited.

Love themes in Sunbeams from the Heart tell of nostalgia, bright new beginnings, homecoming, second chances, and the unexpected. The stories propel the  reader on a journey through ScotlandEngland, The Bahamas and rural America.

"The Lady" magazine, England, wrote about my short story "Love at Sunset", that first appeared in their July 19th 2013 Summer Collector's Edition and which features in Sunbeams from The Heart: “Hugely popular … Charming and surprising!” Most of the stories in this short story collection were first published in The Lady.

I was delighted when shortly after its release in 2015 Sunbeams from the Heart made Amazon's top 100 paid best-sellers' list in the Literature & Fiction/Short stories category next to Stephen King’s "Hearts in Atlantis". And the following month, Sunbeams from the Heart again made the top 100 paid bestsellers' list in the Literature & Fiction/Short Stories category, this time alongside Agatha Christie's "Miss Marple - The Complete Short Stories".

An Amazon reviewer wrote about Sunbeams from the Heart: “While each story is unique, all share that one common thread we humans yearn for: LOVE….Valentine or not, Sunbeams From The Heart is indeed a delightful read.”

Excerpt from the short story Love at Sunset: “Once out of sight from the main road, they relaxed on a seat beneath a casuarina tree and kissed. Then they gazed out across the sapphire blue sea to a lone sailboat on the horizon. The sun was going down, the sky like an artist’s canvas with gold and orange brush strokes. The sweet aroma of a barbecue drifted along the sea shore.”


Sunday, January 2, 2022


The aftermath of a past Junkanoo 
in downtown Nassau, Bahamas

Sadly, our popular Junkanoo festival here in The Bahamas has been cancelled again this year. The New Year's Day holiday, which will be observed on Monday, January 3rd, won't ring with the excitement of New Year's Day 1966 and successive New Year's Days because of Covid-19. 

Fifty-six years' ago, I rode side saddle on the back of Erskine's scooter "Over The Hill" after a party that he and his band "The Invaders" had played at on West Bay Street. Discarded Junkanoo floats and costumes were strewn all over the streets. We went from night club to night club until the wee hours. I wore a long white evening gown, but by the time the sun rose my dress was no longer white!

In my novel "Dangerous Devotion" (described by Juanita Coulson, "The Lady" Books Editor, as "A moving tale of family dynamics and relationships in later life"), Gordon and Violet experience the Christmas season in Nassau, but because Gordon is Scottish, they fly back to Scotland for Hogmanay.

Excerpt from "Dangerous Devotion":

"Bell ringers stood at strategic points on downtown Bay Street, collecting money for charity in Salvation Army kettles. The street was decked out with festive decorations. A heavily laden Christmas tree towered next to the colonial buildings in historic Rawson Square. Bleachers for the upcoming Boxing Day and New Year’s Junkanoo parades were already in place."

"Dangerous Devotion" is available on Amazon as an e-book at $2.99 and in paperback $13.99. Click the link below to go the book's Amazon page:-


Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy 2022!