Sunday, May 31, 2020


J F Kennedy Drive, New Providence, May 30, 2020

I ventured out Friday for the first time in ten weeks, except for walking for exercise in our immediate neighbourhood (could only do this Mondays to Fridays during curfews, as we have been completely locked down at weekends). Erskine has been our shopper and I have been the one who stayed at home.

He took me to look for a large umbrella in the pharmacy, to help protect me from the increasing heat of the sun when we go walking. As it happens, starting Tuesday, we'll be allowed to go further afield to walk, so we'll be able go to a shady area. The umbrella wasn't much use anyway!

It was as if I had been in a coma for a while and coming out of it, everything seemed to have changed! People in masks lining up outside food stores, anxious eyes everywhere. Yet, in the pharmacy one employee stocking a cooler wasn't wearing a mask. I felt uneasy and asked "shouldn't you be wearing a mask?" She didn't answer, but after a while reappeared with a mask hanging from one ear!

Then I followed Erskine into the food store, somewhat tenuously. It wasn't a pleasant experience, as I had to spend most of my time dodging people in the aisles, who didn't seem to care if they bumped into me!

I was actually glad to get home again!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I was excited and most honoured to be invited on ExmouthAiR Radio, Devon, England, by U.K. Radio Presenter Howard James.

CLICK HERE for my live radio interview with Howard James on ExmouthAiR Radio Sunday, May 10th, 2020! For my interview start listening at 1:15:50.

You can also listen to the interview on my YouTube channel HERE 

ExmouthAiR Radio is "an award-winning local radio station" in Devon, England (106.4FM). All of their shows "are produced by local presenters offering an exclusively local radio service that promotes local events and life in Exmouth and the surrounding areas."

Howard tells me that the area covered by ExmouthAiR Radio is "a greater part of East Devon plus the Exe Estuary town (Teignmouth/Dawlish areas). Also down to Newton Abbott and Torbay....also Exeter/Topsham." - including of course, Exmouth.

Howard James started his radio career as a volunteer at Hospital Radio in Exeter and then moved on to BBC Radio Devon in Exeter and Plymouth, presenting programmes at either end of the day over a period of around twenty years. He also worked in commercial radio at Orchard FM in Taunton (along with popular U.K. television host Jeremy Kyle) and Lantern FM in Bideford.

The programme Howard James presents every Sunday morning (10 a.m. until 12 noon U.K. time), features local guests "chatting about local things both serious and not so serious plus a sprinkling of music, features and hopefully some cheery banter." He invited me on his live show because of my connection to East Devon. He had read one of my British press releases and wanted to interview me about my published books.

I discovered from chatting to Howard prior to my radio interview that he used to walk from the BBC Radio Devon studio in Exeter down St. David's Hill to buy snacks from St. David's General Stores. My husband Erskine owned and operated St. David's General Stores at one time!

Sunday, May 10, 2020


Well, I've done it! Had a live radio interview early this morning by Exmouth Air Radio Presenter Howard James. My first one ever! Had to get up at 5.15 a.m. for 6.20 a.m. start (Bahamas time) and I'm not normally an early riser!

The interview lasted about 40 minutes and from Tuesday will run 24/7 for two weeks on Exmouth Air Radio's website. The segment will be downloadable from Tuesday, so I'll post the link when it's available. Howard had contacted me about my books after reading one of my Devon press releases.

Friday, May 8, 2020


In a May 1945 letter written to his brother in Australia by my father William ("Bill") Johanson, who was in the Royal Australian Air Force during the Second World War (Sergeant Instrument Repairer on planes, stationed in the U.K.), he said: "I didn't do much celebrating on VE Day. I was at a training camp for a Central Trade Test Board on that day, although naturally it was cancelled until the next day. I passed the Board and am now Group I, which means quarter of a sterling extra per day. I passed through London to and from where I had the Board and everyone was celebrating in a big way with flags flying everywhere, and huge crowds all over the place, but of course they deserved a celebration!"

I have the original of this letter - what a treasure!