Sunday, May 22, 2022



Above is an example of a barcode from the back cover of my novel "Dangerous Devotion". The barcode is at the bottom right.

When I uploaded a new replacement paperback cover on Amazon recently there was a section to tick a box if I already had a barcode; otherwise leave it blank and they would add one. I always get confused about this, so I messaged Amazon. I was told if you do not have a barcode the option does not have to be checked as they would add one.

Well, I was still confused, because my existing paperback cover did have a barcode, but the new cover I was uploading didn't! Amazon told me yes, it would need a barcode and that "No matter how many times you make changes we will need to add a barcode."

I hope this helps those of you who may have been confused too!


Saturday, May 7, 2022



This is the little "library" beside the swimming pool where we now live. It's hidden in a nook in the wall behind two small doors that meet in the middle.

The Swimming Pool at our new residence

Exploring, I had pushed on the narrow doors and they opened to reveal shelves stacked with books. I wondered about the history of these books, where they had been, who might have read them and who had placed them there over the years........!