Sunday, September 4, 2022



I know it's hard to think of cooler weather right now, but as we approach the Fall, here's a Scottish excerpt from my novel "Dangerous Devotion", set in Scotland and The Bahamas, with scenes in Fort Lauderdale, New York, London and Devon:

"It was a crisp autumn morning as Jim MacDougall drove the couple up the gravel drive to the majestic old Culbeinne House. Pigeons flew into the air from the tall trees around the grounds, their wings clattering at the intrusion. Leaves a multitude of red, gold, ochre and russet hues lay on the ground below, waiting for the next rainfall to mash them into the earth.

"The lawn in front of the house was newly mown, so the sweet scent of grass cuttings filled the air. With winter on its way, the gardener would soon get some relief from pushing the lawn mower across the wide expanse of grass.

"'Can't you just imagine smoke spiralling from the chimneys, darling?' Violet could picture her and Gordon lighting a log fire in the living room hearth.

"'Yes I can, lassie.' Gordon imagined him and Violet snuggled on cushions in front of a roaring fire.

"MacDougall smiled as he brought the car to a standstill at the front door of Culbeinne. Everything was going the way he'd hoped.

"As the estate agent swung open the heavy front door, the house had a different feel about it. Whereas the interior had a welcome coolness during the warmer weather, it now made Violet shiver, even though she had dressed warmly." 


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  1. This book sounds interesting and it's at a great price!