Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Damage after a previous storm (Nassau, Bahamas)

Hurricane Ian is churning up some bad weather in our region. We are praying for the West coast of Florida, which is in the direct path of this dangerous Cat 4 hurricane. Thankfully, The Bahamas is only experiencing the outer bands of the storm.

In my novel “Dangerous Devotion” (Book One in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series) a fierce hurricane hits The Bahamas. Here are two excerpts from the book:

……“We’d better get back now.” Pete turned on the wipers and headed for home, but the wipers couldn’t move fast enough to clear the rain and debris from the windshield. He swerved to avoid fallen tree limbs on the road. And as large and heavy as his truck was, the wind wrestled wildly with it. He kept his hands firmly on the steering wheel. Then, just as they manoeuvred between bending casuarina trees on either side of the narrow road, they heard a loud crack. A large branch crashed on the truck, shattering the windscreen. The children screamed as the truck skidded out of control.

……The squatters’ house where Anthony was staying had been hit hard. It had previously fallen into disrepair and the occupants weren’t sober enough to prepare for the hurricane. The roof gave way and the ceiling fell in. Some of the people inside crawled into corners of the house where they thought they would be safe. Anthony Brown woke up in a panic as rain poured down on him. He grabbed the ice pick from under his pillow, shoved it into his deep trouser pocket, and rushed out into the storm. Tree branches, coconuts, bins and garbage whirled around him as he sought shelter in the nearest building that still had a roof - a small latrine outhouse. He completely forgot about his ankle monitor.




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