Sunday, December 6, 2015


Having written mostly newspaper articles and feature stories over the years, I never thought of myself as a writer of romance. Even the stories and children’s book that I wrote growing up were mysteries and not at all romantic (of course, in my teens, my poems were often full of love lost and won!).

However, after looking over all of the short stories I’d written as an adult, I realized that most of them involved love and romance! And I began to write more and more in this genre. Now I am well on my way to publishing my first book of romantic short stories, to be followed soon after by my romantic suspense novel.

A little aside: I told a friend the other day about my upcoming book of romantic short stories. He was interested and asked jokingly if he was in the book! I said, “Are you romantic”? He replied, “I put the R in the word Romance!” I believe many men will read my romances too! As another friend commented, “We all love love!”

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