Thursday, June 16, 2016


The violent thunderstorms yesterday had our social media buzzing. Erskine said he spotted waterspouts in the distance as he was passing the Lynden Pindling Airport, not AT the airport as someone from here told an American TV station when they sent them a photo of a waterspout mistakenly described as a tornado forming!

Cars were lined up on the airport road, residents fascinated by nature’s powerful formations. The waterspouts didn't come on land, but stayed out on the sea.

When he was a growing up on Long Island Erskine says they used to “cut” the waterspouts as they appeared in the distance. One of the ways they did this was by pointing their arms towards the waterspouts and using a cutting motion with one wrist across the other. Other methods were to use two sticks or a fork and knife. Erskine says he doesn’t know if it was coincidence, but the waterspouts would dissolve!

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