Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Me and my Granny when she visited Nassau shortly
after our first son Gavin's birth.
My dear old Scottish granny was never happy in a city or even a town. She loved the country; in fact the deeper into the country she could be, the happier she was!

She had to have chickens clucking around her, so she could have fresh eggs for breakfast every day. And she had to have a garden, to grow her flowers and vegetables. Her thumb didn’t look green, but I know it was! She also loved budgies and her little blue budgie spoke with a Scottish accent!

She was a great cook as well. Everyone loved her thick, tasty Scottish soup. One freezing cold day I arrived on her doorstep smitten with a bad cold and cough. She put me to bed and brought me some of her hot soup. I was better in no time!

She went to live in Canada twice by ship, the first time on her own and the second along with my mother. My mother’s sister and family lived in Ontario. While she was living in Canada the second time, she came down to visit us in Nassau right after our first son Gavin was born.

But Granny never got used to living in a “concrete jungle”. She pined for a remote Scottish village and her hens and her garden. She returned to Britain both times.

Granny lived to a good old age and I know that somewhere in Heaven she is tending to her chickens and pruning her roses!

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