Saturday, January 7, 2017


Steve Holden, "Artist, Musician, Storyteller - a true Island Renaissance Man”, who has lived in The Bahamas for many years, recently asked on his Facebook page if anyone remembered The Old Le Shack, Montague Beach. Steve had found some prints of the piece he did for that casual old hang out.

Steve creates these amazing works of art, which feature popular restaurants along with caricatures of their patrons. What is so unusual about his art work is that the people depicted in his paintings have no faces, yet it’s clearly obvious who each person is! And if you don’t know them, their personalities still shine through. We have one of Steve's prints from his painting of the old "Buzz" nightclub, where musicians (including Erskine) used to jam together. 

Steve is commissioned to do the paintings by proprietors or by people who frequent the establishments. Then he also sells the prints. This is only one of his art forms though. More information about his art is on his website at

and at 

(a little about Steve's music is mentioned at this second link).

Going back to Steve’s Facebook question, which prompted me to write about him, in 1992 I wrote a feature article for Le Shack when it moved from Montague Beach to a location near the bridge that goes over to Paradise Island (the “newest” bridge). Le Shack is now “Green Parrot”. Here’s the old article:-