Friday, March 24, 2017

FREE for limited time only! – “The Scottish Connection”

As a tribute to my Scottish mother, the late Josephine McMurtrie Johanson, who passed away ten years ago this month and with Mothering Sunday coming up, I am offering the e-book version of “The Scottish Connection: A Journey Back – Mini-memoir” FREE for a limited time only.

In this nostalgic illustrated memoir I share memories of my 1978 journey back to Scotland with my mother and young sons, to revisit our Scottish roots. The Scottish Connection contains a wealth of information - Scottish ancestry, historical facts, genealogy, comparable 1978 prices, geographical descriptions, personal anecdotes, nostalgia and precious old photos.

My mother, the late Josephine McMurtrie Johanson
Excerpt from The Scottish Connection: “A little way out of Aberfoyle we found the lodge on the Craigenveoch estate where my mother and family had lived. On warm, summer evenings she, Jack and Ray leaned out of their bedroom windows, watching their parents sing along with friends to gramophone music as they rowed across Loch Ard. The loch was described by Sir Walter Scott as a ‘beautiful sheet of water … a spacious mirror’.”

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