Saturday, September 9, 2017


Roof repaired after Hurricane Matthew has some shingles
missing after lesser winds from Hurricane Irma (not a good roof job!)

I’ve marked myself “safe during Hurricane Irma” on Facebook, a great facility that they offer!

Thankfully, Hurricane Irma took a western path away from New Providence, so we had quite moderate winds last night (perhaps 25 – 35 m.p.h.) and just light rain. We went to sleep around midnight and when we awoke everything was quiet. We are experiencing wind gusts from time to time, but Hurricane Irma has gone!

Unfortunately, the Southeastern Bahamas received the full brunt of Hurricane Irma. It has been reported on ZNS news that there are downed power lines, shingles blown off and sadly some homes lost, but there have been no injuries or loss of life. The "All Clear" has been given for those islands.

Long Island in the Central Bahamas has reported that their electricity is being restored throughout the island already!

The “All Clear” has now been given for New Providence, Abaco, Eleuthera and The Berry Islands, but “Hurricane Warnings” are still in effect for Andros, Bimini and Grand Bahama. Our power where we live in Nassau didn’t go off at all during the threat of Irma.

The Lynden Pindling International Airport reports no damage and that they will resume operations tomorrow.

Hurricane Irma is now pounding Cuba and forecast to head for Florida. We pray that the U.S. will be spared like most of The Bahamas has been.


  1. We in The Bahamas have been very fortunate. We truly must be grateful and all who survived Hurricane Irma.

    1. Absolutely, Tanya! We had all prepared for the worst and are thankful here on New Providence for being spared.