Friday, June 28, 2019


St. Mary The Virgin Anglican Church,
Nassau, Bahamas

St. Mary The Virgin Anglican Church is one of the many Christian churches in The Bahamas. It is located on Virginia Street on the edge of downtown Nassau and was founded in 1844.

St. Mary’s Facebook page declares: “To be a welcoming church that proclaims and teaches the gospel, fosters a spiritual growth and encourages its members to offer their services, time and talents in missions and ministry for the building up of God’s kingdom.”

The church is also adjacent to the old Greek section of Nassau. When our sons were small, I used to take them with me to a little old wooden house near there when I visited an elderly bedridden lady called Mrs. Clarke. She enjoyed being read to and I would read children’s stories to her that she liked as much as our sons! I was referred to her by Christ Church Cathedral, which my family and I attended at the time. Visiting someone in need was a good lesson for our boys in humility.

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