Saturday, April 3, 2021



Part of the fabulous mural by Allan Pachino Wallace at The Point's
Margaritaville Beach Resort, Nassau, Bahamas. The entire mural
can be viewed at the edge of Junkanoo Beach.

The sea plane depicted on this brilliant mural by Allan Pachino Wallace at The Pointe's Margaritaville Beach Resort near the British Colonial Hilton Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas, reminds me of my days as PA to Eric Crouch on Bay Street, downtown Nassau, in the seventies. Mr. Crouch used to send me with Lee Stocking Island's weekly payroll to the British Colonial beach to meet the seaplane from his client's island which is situated in the Exumas. The owner of Lee Stocking Island at the time was John Perry, who founded a marine science institute there.

I would roll up my capris and with shoes and payroll in hand wade out to the waiting sea plane. I would hand over the precious package and then make my way back to the shore, watching the sea plane roar away and take off into the sparkling blue.

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