Sunday, February 4, 2024



Farewell good friends!

Sorry I haven’t posted for quite a while. We are having to move – from one rental apartment to another that is. We were only given 40 days’ notice (be sure to always check your lease thoroughly – the lawyers for the landlord found a loophole to avoid the 90 days’ notice mentioned in the lease!).

In Nassau, Bahamas, like many places around the world, rental prices have gone sky high and there is a scarcity of affordable and decent rental apartments. Airbnb plays a big part in this, shoving the long-term rental prices up and tying up the market for the average Bahamian.

We have to get rid of a lot of personal stuff before we move, including some of my books. I’ve donated two boxes of books to the Bahamas Humane Society Thrift Shop, so at least I know that they will still be appreciated.

I will be back on this blog again as soon as we are settled – or maybe before that if I find any time! In the meantime, if anyone reading this knows of affordable furnished apartments in the west (Nassau, Bahamas), please message me. Thanks!


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