Saturday, February 27, 2016


Driving past “The Tribune” newspaper in Nassau, Bahamas, this morning, and noticing the car park empty reminded me of what it was like in years gone by.

When I arrived in Nassau in 1965, while attempting to travel around the world, I took a bus to the “Manpower Agency” in Oakesfield, to look for secretarial work. They sent me out on “temp” jobs. The most interesting was when I filled in as secretary for the publisher/editor of “The Tribune” at the time, Sir Etienne Dupuch. His secretary was apparently travelling in Europe.

Sir Etienne also travelled abroad while I worked for him. I remember receiving long yellow sheets of paper from him, with prolific editorials for me to type up.

The car park would never have been empty on a Saturday in those days! I don’t think Sir Etienne would have approved of The Tribune only being published five days a week. However, life in general was less stressful at that time, not like nowadays when journalists definitely need a break from deadlines!

I think Sir Etienne would have been proud of me, publishing my book of romantic short stories "Sunbeams from the Heart"!

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