Saturday, February 13, 2016


Around this time 50 years ago, my husband Erskine and I became engaged. He passed me the ring hidden in a napkin over dinner in a Shirley Street nightclub where Finance Corporation of the Bahamas is now located, to the music of Blind Blake.

And on Valentine’s Day I had a flower shop deliver a red carnation to Erskine, for him to wear the whole day!

Erskine actually proposed that Christmas, when I returned a day early from a trip to England. I had left the U.K. for Canada by ship in April of that year, planning to work my way around the world. Then a few months later, with a Canadian winter approaching, I headed south. I caught a Greyhound coach from Toronto down to Miami. From there, I flew into Nassau, planning to work there for only three months. However, my plans changed when I met and fell in love with Long Island Bahamian Erskine Knowles!

Before I originally left England, my mother made me promise I would be home by Christmas. I kept my promise, but I didn’t remain in England. I returned to the Bahamas where I had found a new home and my one true love. I never did work my way around the world!

To celebrate 50 years from when Erskine and I established our future together, I’m offering a Valentine’s Day Special on the e-book edition of “Sunbeams from the Heart – A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories” – 99cents on and 99p on This special price starts today Saturday February 13th and runs through tomorrow Sunday February 14th.

As one Amazon reviewer wrote about “Sunbeams from the Heart”, “While each story is unique, all share that one common thread we humans yearn for: LOVE….Valentine or not, Sunbeams From The Heart is indeed a delightful read.”

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