Monday, July 25, 2016


A review of my romantic suspense novel Love at Sunset by an Amazon customer: "Love at Sunset is a story about an elderly couple, Violet and Gordon, who have fallen deeply in love with one another. However, they face staunch opposition of that reality from their own children for various reasons. Determining to be together 'til the very end, they make a huge step to ensure that happens, no matter the cost. This story covers the drama-filled lives of a number of very interesting characters and I was amazed at how the author was able to craft such a plot and cover ground so extensively and cleverly. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it. It's gripping, alluring and so wonderfully romantic on many different levels.”

The plot of Love at Sunset follows the people in Violet and Gordon's lives - those who support them, others who wish to resist or harm them, and some on whom Cupid also comes calling. It portrays family discord and evil intent, but is not without a touch of humour. And it reveals the gap between rich and poor and the humanitarian works of those who care.

Available on Amazon and other online retailers as an e-book and in paperback.

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