Sunday, March 11, 2018


Bahamian bestselling author Tanya R. Taylor is giving away a brand new Kindle E-reader (Black 6” Glare-free Touchscreen Display) in celebration of her latest release The Lost Children of Atlantis (the 6th book in the “Cornelius saga” series)! Another clever tale by Tanya R. Taylor. Once again this author has proved what a great story teller she is!

Tanya says to enter the drawing:

1. Simply download a copy of the book which is still at its 99 cents pre-order price (link to download is below);
2. Send a copy of your purchase confirmation to this email address:, and -
3. Follow Tanya R. Taylor on Bookbub. That's it! The link to Bookbub is below. Once you do that, your name will be automatically entered into the drawing and the winner randomly selected on April 30th. If you've already purchased a copy of The Lost Children of Atlantis you are eligible to enter once you follow the same steps listed above.

Excerpt from The Lost Children of Atlantis:

‘Could these be the ramblings of a nutcase or could this seemingly far-fetched story about “lost children” actually be true?
‘Mira Cullen, an attractive young doctor and psychic, meets old, sick, occasionally delusional Stefanie Brussels. Stefanie claims to know otherwise unheard-of facts as related to the shocking catastrophe of long ago where so many had perished, but no one in their right mind believes her. She also mentions an artifact in her possession that holds “special powers”. Will Mira take anything she says seriously and if she doesn't, what is bound to be the outcome?’