Wednesday, September 5, 2018


A Long Island Bahamas beach. It was a beach similar
 to this that the wily Zachary Tate in “Love at Sunset”
 tried to get to when he had an unexpected confrontation! 

Second chances abound in “Love at Sunset”! Violet and Gordon rekindle their decades-old attraction for each other, a career criminal has the opportunity to change his life, and a hard-working, single mother takes a chance that could improve her struggling existence. All of this against the backdrop of life in The Bahamas and Scotland where the main characters, Violet and Gordon, have a foothold in each.

A major hurricane attacks the Bahama Islands, threatening life and property, while in Scotland sinister strangers try to prevent dreams coming to fruition. The stunning beaches and quaint settlements of Long Island in The Bahamas contrast with the inner city of Nassau; the disparity between poverty and wealth is revealed; and the lengths that some would go to steal and defraud for financial gain is unexpected and shocking.

Love and romance also feature predominantly throughout the novel, with the passion of the young and some not so young! “Gripping, alluring and so wonderfully romantic on many different levels.” – Amazon Customer.

Paperback copies of “Love at Sunset” are available at Logos Bookstore, Harbour Bay, Nassau – or CLICK HERE to purchase the novel on Amazon (e-book and paperback versions).


  1. Zachary Tate was something else! I really enjoyed reading 'Love at Sunset'. There was not a dull moment in that book.

    1. Thanks, Tanya. I enjoyed writing it as well! And when it was finished, I kept thinking about the characters. Didn't want to let them go!