Monday, August 3, 2020


Neighbours lose shingles during Hurricane Isaias

Well, we have survived. Hurricane Isaias has left The Bahamas!

When I woke up Saturday morning to crazy weather, I felt quite nervous. The power was off, wind howling and rain beating down. We had been warned that Isaias would bring quite a lot of rain and possible storm surges.

It reminded me of Hurricane Matthew, which I wrote about HERE. I prayed we wouldn't get another one like that - or even worse, a "Hurricane Dorian", which Grand Bahama and Abaco suffered terribly from in September 2019!

However, we were lucky. My husband Erskine summarized it for me. When Isaias approached us, the eye was 45 miles south of New Providence. Hurricane force winds were only 35 miles from eye, so we were 10 miles away from hurricane force winds and only had tropical force winds. The eye of the storm passed over Andros, which is west of us. By Saturday evening we knew we were in the clear.

We understand there has been no severe damage, no injuries and no deaths anywhere in The Bahamas. However, some homes have been affected by high water from the rain in low lying areas. My heart goes out to those residents. Our power was restored after eight hours. Others were not so fortunate.

Now Isaias is heading for the Carolinas as a Tropical Storm (possibly becoming a hurricane again). I wonder if everyone will be able to pronounce the name Isaias properly by the time it dissolves!

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