Friday, June 18, 2021



Part of the old manuscript

When I was between eleven and twelve years old, I wrote a children's adventure book. At the time, I was living with my parents in Buckingham, England, where they owned and operated a watchmaker and jeweller's shop.

My father gave me an old accounts ledger in which to write the book. It was quite thick and had a hard cover. I carried it everywhere I went for a whole year, scribbling my adventure story every chance I had in school recesses, lunch hours and after school.

At the end of the year it was finished, but I had no outlet for it. I didn't even have a typewriter (there were no computers or internet in those days).

During the school term after that I lived in the hostel of Wolverton Grammar School. The housemaster, Mr. Hodge, who was an author, read my book, to give me his opinion. He gave me a little review with suggestions for a few changes. I was thrilled when he told me it was very good and I should try to get it published.

However, the book still didn't go anywhere. I carried on writing the poems and stories I had written since the age of nine and took my book with me when I moved to Devon, Canada and finally, The Bahamas.

I still have some of the first pages from the book, but sadly the rest of it was somehow lost over the years. I believe it may had been eaten by insects when stored on Long Island for a while!

Anyway, reading over what I have of the book, I realize that I have actually come full circle. I started off writing mysteries and dramas and now I am working on Book Three in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series, which is also full of drama!

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