Tuesday, May 25, 2021


The original manuscript for "Dangerous Devotion"
(formerly "Love at Sunset") before it was published!

I'm sending Violet and Gordon to Long Island again! They are the main protagonists in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series. I am currently working on Book Three of the series. Violet and Gordon appear throughout. They love Long Island and have a little beachfront cottage there. They also love Scotland, where Gordon is from.

We authors enjoy manipulating the characters in our books. We can send them anywhere we want and navigate their lives! 

You can purchase Book One (Dangerous Devotion) and Book Two (Deadly Deceit In Paradise) by clicking on the book cover links to the left of this page. You can also go to Amazon and put my name Fay Knowles in the search box. It will come up with all of my books on my Amazon author page (as e-books and in paperback). You may be able to special order paperbacks through your local bookstore as well. 


  1. Characters are a bit like horses being led to water, I find. We can put them where we want them, but can't always predict how they'll behave!

    You're right that it's fun putting them into situations and watching the results.