Saturday, May 15, 2021



I recently a ninety year old family friend with a copy of my novel "Deadly Deceit in Paradise" (Book Two in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series). He said: I loved everything about it. It went from one thing to the next. Kept you on your toes!" He has read it twice and plans on reading it again. He explained: "As soon as I finished reading it the first time, I wanted to read it again."

He had previously bought a copy of "Dangerous Devotion" (Book One in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series) and had loved that too! He read "Dangerous Devotion" twice as well and had planned on reading it a third time after a brief break, so that it would be "all new to me again!" 

At the time, he said he loved the main characters Violet and Gordon and found the plot really exciting. He also said he immersed himself in the settings and felt like he was actually going to Scotland himself and “enjoying the atmosphere”! Violet and Gordon also feature in "Deadly Deceit In Paradise". 

He was pleased when I told him Violet and Gordon would feature again in the Buchanan Mystery Series Book Three, which I am currently working on. He said: "It will be good to meet old friends again!"

It is so rewarding to authors when readers get pleasure out of our books.




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