Sunday, May 7, 2023


Original Manuscript for novel "Dangerous Devotion"
(Book One in the Buchanan Mystery Romance Series)

In the past I’ve completed a novel in record time, but for some reason the past couple of years have been difficult for me with my writing. Perhaps the pandemic had something to do with it, although many writers say they’ve been very productive during lockdowns!

Writing is not all about writing though! There’s the time-consuming marketing that has to be done to keep my books “out there”. Also, I’ve been busy with a huge family project.

Of course, nothing has ever stopped me from writing before. When I was a fulltime secretary, I always squeezed my writing in before work, on lunch hours, in the evenings between household chores and on the weekends. And all while bringing our sons up.

Anyway, I’ve finished a final intense edit of Book 3 in my Buchanan Mystery Romance Series, and am just reading the novel again, to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Then a good author friend will read it for me and give me his comments.

So, look out! It won’t be too long now before Book 3 will be released! Follow this blog to be notified of the release date (click “Follow” beneath my profile on the left-hand side of the blog)!

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