Sunday, May 21, 2023


It’s so difficult these days (post Covid) to find many of the products we’ve been used to buying locally. I’d been searching everywhere for moisturizing face cream. Both Lowes Pharmacy branches that I tried were out of the one I usually buy. I could have gone down town to try and find something, but parking there is difficult and expensive.

As we passed the MAC cosmetic store in Baha Mar today, I said to Erskine, let me check there. And sure enough, they had a choice of two face creams. I bought one for $36.30. Not too bad for hotel prices. 

However, roll on our summer vacation to Florida. I have started my shopping list!

* * * * *

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  1. It’s the same here in UK Fay. I always try to buy locally but if it’s unavailable have to by online 😢

  2. I think we're all shopping online more. That makes it harder for shops to stay open, so then we're ever more reliant on the internet!