Saturday, February 11, 2017


An old photo of me in front of Boquhan Cottage,
Balfron, Scotland, where I lived as a small child
(during one of our visits back to the country of my birth)

I have been asked if Craigenveoch Cottage, which I wrote about in my mini-memoir “The Scottish Connection”, was the setting for the Scottish part of my romantic suspense novel “Love at Sunset”. I actually drew on my experiences as a child at Boquhan Cottage on the Boquhan Old House estate for the novel and I researched old houses like Boquhan and Craigenveoch to ensure that my descriptions were accurate for the era when they were built.

There was no secret passage in either Boquhan and Craigenveoch houses, as far as I know. That was completely from my imagination! However, from my research I found that secret passages were often included in these old homes when they were built, because of the religious unrest at the time. Priests and soldiers sometimes needed a place to lie low and to have a quick escape route!


  1. where can we find your books fay? mom and i would love them i am sure!

    1. Thank you so much, Peggy. I have brought in a few paperback copies of "Love at Sunset" and will probably bring in some of the others. Please call me on 327-5237 for more information. Thanks again!

    2. Peggy - you can also check out this new post - (it includes an updated description of my romantic suspense novel "Love at Sunset").