Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Valentine’s Day is so commercial these days, with people really going over the top with cards and presents to all and sundry! We sometimes seem to miss the essence of this popular time of year – true love and passion.

As a young teenager, who poured over romantic magazines for girls and giggled with her friends when a handsome boy flew past on his bicycle, school scarf flying, I couldn’t wait to open the envelopes that the postman delivered on Valentine’s Day!

I can still see those Valentine cards in my mind’s eye. They were bright, elaborate and full of kisses. And I never knew who they were from! Boys in those days didn’t sign their names when they sent their Valentine’s cards. And any girl could expect to get cards from several boys, who each might have a crush on her.

It was a delicious mystery who these cards were from and one that kept my friends and I giggling for many days after Valentine’s had passed!


  1. It seems odd to me that we can now buy these cards to give to spouses, children, parents, dogs ... None of that seems right to me. I much preferred it when they were aonoymous declarations from one unnattached person to another.

    1. Oh, well. I guess it helps the economy, Patsy! It was such fun when it was anonymous though.