Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Western side of Potters Cay, Nassau, New Providence,
where the marina used to be (this whole area is being
revamped, so plans will possibly include a marina again)

In 1967, before we had children and while we were still quite adventurous, Erskine and I rented a boat docked in the marina that used to be on the western side of Potters Cay. The boat was owned by a friend of ours, nicknamed “007” because he loved James Bond movies so much!

We had spent a year in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and the boat rental was just a stop gap until we decided what to do next. The boat had no engine, so we didn’t plan on going anywhere in it! However, it seemed such a romantic thing to do. One of Erskine’s sisters let us store our boxes while we moved onto “007’s” boat.

We’d sit outside on the deck in the evenings, watching the sun go down, and if we got up early enough, watch the dawn. The boat didn’t have a shower, but there was a public bathroom in a corner of the single storey building across the road (that building was torn down later and a two storey was built). The bathroom was well kept for boaters’ use and very clean back then, so it was no inconvenience.

The building across from Potters Cay Dock, Nassau, New Providence.
There used to be a single storey building here and the walkway that
we took to get to the public bathroom was where the stairs are now.

Our romantic interlude came to an end when the bilge pump stopped working and the boat began to sink! Whenever we pass by where the public bathroom used to be (down a walkway where stairs are now), we always think of that time on “007’s” boat.


  1. Such a lovely post you wrote, Fay. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Tanya. It was something we can always have a good old laugh about!

    2. Thanks, Tanya. It was something we can always have a good old laugh about!

  2. I'm sure things are very different there now, Fay, but you have wonderful memories to cherish.

    1. Yes, things definitely are, Hazel! But, like you say, we have good memories.