Saturday, June 23, 2018


It is most heartening when a reader tells an author how much they enjoyed their book. And this goes for friends and family too! This morning a long time family friend, Bill Tizard, who bought a paperback copy of my romantic suspense novel “Love at Sunset”, told me that he loved it! Not only that, but he has read it twice and plans on reading it a third time after a brief break, so that it would all be new to him again!

Bill said he loves the main characters Violet and Gordon and finds the plot really exciting. He also said he immersed himself in the settings and felt like he was actually going to Scotland himself and “enjoying the atmosphere”!

Bill doesn’t have a computer and is not online, so I am happy that he can bury himself in a book and enjoy being whisked away to fascinating places and interesting people! Thank you, Bill!

Here’s the plot for “Love at Sunset”:

“Facing imminent danger and fierce opposition to love a second time around, Violet and Gordon seek a new life in Scotland, thousands of miles away from The Bahamas, but trouble soon catches up with them. The couple finds themselves in and out of one adventure after another!

”In the meantime, an unscrupulous attorney appears on the scene, along with a crooked realtor. What they do and the extent they would go to leads to a shocking ending. Greed, jealousy, family secrets and bitter grudges worm their way throughout this story!”

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