Saturday, January 16, 2021



"Although now overgrown and eerie, we beat our way through the brambles along the crumbling slope, high above a gushing burn. An unused miniature railway track now ran the full length of the path. We wondered if it had been a toy railway for children who lived there, or perhaps the nearby mill used it to transport logs to the main house."[Excerpt from my mini-memoir "The Scottish Connection: A Journey Back"]

 “The Scottish Connection” contains a wealth of information - Scottish ancestry, historical facts, genealogy, comparable prices, geographical descriptions, personal anecdotes, nostalgia and precious old photos.

Available worldwide on Amazon for download as an e-book for $2.99 and in paperback at $11.99 (or equivalent prices), as well as on Kindle Unlimited:

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  1. That first sentence sounds a lot like some of my walks in Scotland – wonder if we've ever taken the same paths?

  2. Maybe, Patsy! This is where it was: "We made one more stop on the way back to the caravan park - “Boquhan Old House” as we knew it, a twenty-acre estate between the villages of Killearn and Balfron. My mother and I lived in a cottage on the grounds with my grandparents when I was small (my father being stationed elsewhere in the war) and for a while on our return from Australia. Then we visited them at Boquhan many times after my parents and I moved to England."