Saturday, January 9, 2021



Like many of you, I don't get out much these days because of the stay at home orders. My husband Erskine does the shopping. I hadn't realized how futuristic everything had become because of Covid-19.

When I went into a local store this morning I was greeted at the door by not only a security guard and an employee, but a recorded announcement: "Please stand in the measuring area. Look at the camera. Temperature measuring!" On the wall to my right was a top-of-the-line hand sanitizer and directly in front of me what looked like a camera on a stand. I was directed to stay there while the "camera" took my temperature. 

Sometimes I feel like running away up into the Scottish Highlands, with only the sheep and goats as my friends, far away from the Corona virus. Only kidding! I couldn't be without  my family.

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