Monday, October 17, 2016


Lamp post destroyed

We heard on the news today that Bahamas Power and Light has restored power to 80% of their customers on New Providence and that they expect full restoration by the end of this week. Great Harbour Cay apparently has had 90% of their power restored and North and Central Andros 50%.

Some children will sadly be without uniform after homes have been destroyed or damaged and personal belongings lost, so the Ministry of Education has asked teachers to exercise leniency with this. Also, they are trying to provide uniforms for those school children who have lost theirs.

The news announcer stated that there were thunderstorms during Hurricane Matthew. One house was hit by lightening and the roof caught fire.

I spoke to someone on Grand Bahama yesterday and he said he expects power to be restored to his office by the end of this week. Other reports are that many people on that island will have to wait weeks for restoration by the Grand Bahama Power Company.

There is so much suffering here in The Bahamas as a result of Hurricane Matthew.


  1. I do hope the kids without uniforms aren't penalised. Losing out on schooling could have life long consequences.

    1. I do agree, Patsy, but thankfully the authorities are very aware of the difficulties and are doing everything they can to help the students.