Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Hurricane Matthew is predicted to make a direct hit on the island of New Providence by Thursday or maybe before. At the moment it’s a Category 4 hurricane off the eastern tip of Cuba

Our shutters are up and we have sufficient food and water to last a few days. I’ve charged my Kindle in case the power goes off, so at least I’ll be able to read (of course, I do also have a bookcase full of books, but I love my Kindle). And I added data to my phone, so I’ll be able to use the internet even if Cable goes down. Also topped up my minutes (BTC are giving triple minutes today!).

Believe it or not, relatives from the U.K. vacationing in Florida flew into Nassau earlier today to spend a few days at Atlantis! Ironic when everyone else is trying to get out of here or would like to! However, our nephew hadn’t seen us for many years and his significant other had never met us. They didn’t want to miss the chance while they were vacationing so near and we were delighted to see them. They would still have had to deal with Matthew anyway if they had remained in Florida, as it’s headed that way as well. 

We picked the young couple up from the airport and brought them back to our place for a while. The plan was that they would catch a taxi from here to Atlantis, because there would be too much traffic for us coming back if we dropped them. We never dreamed there would be a problem finding a taxi! Usually they are all over the place and if you ever go downtown, you will know how taxi drivers ask you every few steps you walk along Bay Street if you want a taxi.

I tried calling a meter cab first. The dispatcher said they were shutting down, but she would try one taxi driver who might still be available. Unfortunately, that lady was stuck in traffic. Then I called a number I had written down when we chatted to a taxi driver and his wife over coffee in a cafe some time ago. Sadly he had passed away. I gave condolences and went on to the next number I had for taxis. That gentleman was also stuck in traffic!

Finally Erskine drove to a hotel. One lone taxi sat outside, the lady taxi driver looking sad with her head down. She was delighted to get a fare and our relatives went off happily with her. They should have a good time in Atlantis. If you have to be stuck somewhere in a hurricane, Atlantis  must be a good place to be stuck in! We will hopefully see them again on Saturday after the hurricane has passed by.

Now we are just waiting and watching the regular hurricane advisories. Praying too that The Bahamas will have no injuries or loss of life.


  1. If I were stuck in The Bahamas during vacation and a hurricane, I would want to be stuck at Atlantis as well!

    1. lol! Atlantis is putting all their guests into the ballroom for safety and will be providing music and entertainment. Stay safe, Sherelle.

  2. Atlantis is lovely. I'm sure your relatives will be just fine during the hurricane and having a good time too!