Sunday, October 16, 2016


An earlier flooded road on New Providence Island, Bahamas 

What a day! It lashed down with rain and the wind didn’t let up either for some time. We heard it was a “trough”. A severe weather warning until 3 p.m. was issued by the Met Office, but we didn’t see it until 2 p.m. By then we had already attempted to get to church. Big mistake! Went through flooded roads and the brakes started to fail on our car. No problem. Erskine pulled over and pumped the brakes a little until it was safe to continue on.

I felt like I was in my novel “Love at Sunset”, where a fierce hurricane hits The Bahamas and Sandra’s husband has not used his best judgment, putting their children at risk! Here’s an excerpt:

“We’d better get back now.” Pete turned on the wipers and headed for home, but the wipers couldn’t move fast enough to clear the rain and debris from the windshield. He swerved to avoid fallen tree limbs on the road. And as large and heavy as his truck was, the wind wrestled wildly with it. He kept his hands firmly on the steering wheel. Then, just as they manoeuvred between bending casuarina trees on either side of the narrow road, they heard a loud crack. A large branch crashed on the truck, shattering the windscreen. The children screamed as the truck skidded out of control.

When we got back home after the service, one of the leaks had started again from the ceiling, so out came the bucket, hopefully for the last time. Our landlord is doing his best to get the roof repaired, but it can’t be that easy with the high cost of deductibles if you do have insurance, and so many roofs needing repaired right now. 


  1. We had heavy rain last night and for a short time I thought it was coming through the roof. Turned out to be the shower dripping, but the short panic reminded me how lucky I am to have a waterproof roof over my head. Hope yours is fixed soon.

    1. Thanks, Patsy. That was a funny experience, but I'm sure not so funny at the time! Our minds do play tricks with us.

  2. I had started to think that yesterday we had more rain than the day of the hurricane!