Wednesday, October 5, 2016


6.55 p.m. Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, Nassau, Bahamas:

The wind is increasing a little now. When I opened the blinds above my computer I discovered that the guy who put the shutters up had left one panel off that window! No problem. One of our sons put it up for us.

Covered everything in our office/storage area with large garbage bags (cut them up first) in case of possible leaks. Put important documents in a plastic bag in a small suitcase and photos and other personal items in another, in case we have to evacuate in a hurry. Made a list of what else to take if such an event becomes necessary.

Boiled a supply of eggs and potatoes. Baked two days’ worth of chicken. We also have tinned green beans, a couple loaves of bread, sandwich meat, cereal, milk, juice, fruit, and of course, water. We can always have the eggs, potatoes, chicken and beans cold if the power goes off. Also filled the bathtub with water in case the water supply goes off (this can often happen when there’s a power cut).

Erskine made ice in freezer bags, to keep the fridge cool if there’s a power cut. 

So we’re all set. Now we just want Hurricane Matthew to come and go quickly!

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